About House Fire Damage

The loss of a home by any means is upsetting to say the least, and more so when it is caused by a house fire. You suffer the loss of things of value like furniture, clothing, artwork, important documents and heirlooms. You may have possessions that escape the fire but are still ruined by smoke and the water used to put out the fire. There’s also the high risk of additional damage if firefighters need to break down walls or the roof.

In a less tangible way, you and your family lose your place of safety and comfort and all things familiar. These multiple losses will take you through the gamut of emotions – from shock, anger and hopelessness to acceptance.  As it is for many situations in life, acceptance is the first step towards starting over with your family home.

What You Need To Know And Do After A House Fire


  • Even after the fire is out, there is still risk to your safety and health. Ask the fire officials when it is safe to re-enter the house.
  • Accept the fact that if your house is too badly damaged, you might be forbidden to re-enter.
  • Call family members to let them know what happened.
  • Contact your insurance company who will set in motion the claim process and will advise you about emergency options such as lodging and cleaning up.
  • Make sure you and your family have a temporary and safe place to stay.
  • Make sure the property is safe and secure from possible looting and vandalism.
  • Clean up the property. You can do this with an assessment of the damage and discuss with your insurance company the clean up requirements.
  • If the damage is extensive, don’t tackle the clean-up yourself. There are professionals who can do the job for you at a fair price.
  • You might also want to replace important documents such as driver’s license, bank books, titles to properties, etc.

Returning To Normalcy After A House Fire


Even in this most trying and emotionally charged time, it is best that you start making decisions to rebuild your life. You might want to keep your home or sell it. This decision will rely on several factors.

  • The extent of the damage caused by the fire
  • The cost of the repairs
  • Your current financial status and living conditions
  • Your attachment to your home
  • Your insurance coverage if any
  • Your mortgage if any

Can I Sell My House If It’s Been Damaged Or Destroyed By Fire?

After going over the list, you might come to the conclusion that you are better off selling the house. The question is, who would buy a fire-damaged house? We will! At Helpful Realty, we will buy the house “as-is” and relieve you of the burden of costly repairs, rebuild, and other problems you need to deal with after a house fire. We can even buy your house quickly and on a cash basis.

If you or someone you know needs more information on how to sell a property damaged by fire, call us now!

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